Fill in the blanks by choosing an appropriate option. 
W is a very reactive metal, reacts vigorously with 
oxygen and water therefore, stored in (l) 
___X___ is a non-metal, soft and dull and forms (2) oxides with oxygen. 
Y is very reactive ___(3)___ , catches fire if exposed to air therefore, stored in water. 
___Z___ does not react with dilute hydrochloric acid even on heating but it reacts with sulphuric acid. When it is exposed to moist air for long, it acquires a dull ___(4)____ coating.

A. W-Na, I-Water; X-S, 2-Basic; Y-P, 3-Meta1•, Z-Cu, 4-Reddish brown 
B. W-Mg, I -Kerosene; X-P, 2-Acidic; Y-Si, 3-Metal; Z-Ag, 4-Reddish brown 
C. W-Na, I-Kerosene; X-S, 2-Acidic•, 
Y-P 3-Non-metal; Z-Cu, 4-Green 
D. W-Al, I-water; X-Zn, 2-Amphoteric; 
Y-P 3-Non-metal; Z-CU, 4-Green. 

The answer is C.

As Na is very reactive material so it is not stored in water as it will react with water very rigorously. Hence, it is stored in kerosene.
Sulphur is a nonmetal and nonmetal forms acidic oxide.
Phosphorous is very reactive nonmetal.
As Copper (Cu) is least reactive so it will not react with HCl and when it is exposed to moist air it forms the oxide on it which green in color.

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