fill in the blanks with appropriate words:-

where did u come ________ this world?

the shepherds _________ the flock.

the rich ________the poor.


it is impossible that i _________(be)mistaken

i want to help you in all __________(earnest)

he suffered several __________(reverse)of fortune.

she was asked to confirm__________the regulations.

she fell ________the roof.

i caught him _____the neck .

experts pls answer these questions by tomorow because i have an exam pls....

Your question consists of typing errors. However, this is the best I could make out:

  1. Where did you come from in this world?
  2. The shepherds drew the flock.
  3. The rich should help the poor.
  4. Where did he come from?
  5. It is impossible that I am mistaken
  6. I want to help you in all earnestness.
  7. He suffered several reversals of fortune.
  8. She was asked to confirm all the regulations.
  9. She fell off the roof.
  10. I caught him by the neck .

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