Fill table 2.2 pg-26 of chapter 2 of class 10.
Fill table 2.2 pg-26 of chapter 2 of class 10. Table 2.2 Actlvlty 2.1 1 Test the pH values Of solutions given in Table 2.2. Record your Observations. What is the nature of each substance on the basis Of your Observations? Colour Of Approx- Nature Of 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Gastric J u ice (about 2 2) Solution Saliva (before meal) Saliva (after meal) Lemon juice Colourless aerated Carrot juice Coffee Toma to juice Tap water 1M NaOH 1M HCI water, (7.41 pH paper Milk of magnesia -im ate substance pH value hydroxide solution 14)

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The pH of saliva before meal is 7.4
The pH of saliva after meal depends upon the food eaten. If the food was acidic like citrus fruits, curd etc., then pH will be in acidic range and if the food was basic like mint then pH will be in basic range.
pH of lemon juice = 2
pH of colourless aerated drinks varies from 5-6.
pH of carrot juice also varies between 5-6
pH of coffee is 5
pH of tomato juice 4.5
pH of tap water varies between 6.5 to 7.5
pH of 1M NaOH is 14
pH of 1M HCl is 0

The colour of different pH is given below, however depending upon the solution taken for pH test colour of pH may vary:


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