fill the bowl with water.put the orange in the water and watch what happens.peel the rind from the orange and try the experiment again.what happens this time?

Steps followed in first experiment :
1.Fill the bowl with water. 
2.Put the orange in the water

Observation :
Orange will float on the surface as its tends to repel water molecule and do not allow the orange part to absorb water. This property of water arises due to the surface tension of liquid

Steps followed in the second experiment :

1.Peel the rind from the orange
2.Put the inside part of the orange in water.

Observation :
It will sunk to the bottom due to the presence of the tiny air pockets inside the orange which tends to absorb the water molecule. The amount of surface tension applied by water moleculele is not enough to hold the inside part of orange at the surface. The orange sinks at the bottom. 

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