• Find out how your local authority manages the solid waste generated in your neighborhood.
  • are these measures adequate ?
  • if not what improvements would you suggest ?
  • what could your family do to reduce the amount of solid waste generated during a day / week ?

Due to paucity of time it would not be possible for us to provide the answers to all your queries. However, we are giving you an idea about the solid waste and its management. Try solving rest of the questions by yourself and if you face any difficulty then do get back to us.


Solid waste: It refers to the waste that does not flow like gas or water. It includes paper, food waste, plastic,  glass, metal etc. A lot of solid waste is generated from homes, offices, hospitals, schools etc. All this waste is collected and disposed by the municipality. Solid waste can be categorized into two types - biodegradable and  non-biodegradable. 

Biodegradable waste: It includes wastes mainly from plant and animal sources, which can be broken down by living organisms.

Non-biodegradable waste: It includes wastes such as plastic, metal, broken glass etc., which cannot be broken down by living organisms.

Management of solid wastes

Waste management includes collection, transport, processing, and disposal of waste materials.

Measures for waste management

  • Separate bins (blue and green) can be used for disposing non-biodegradable and biodegradable wastes respectively.

  • Reduction in the use of non-biodegradable products like plastic.

  • Separation of material, which can be reused or recycled.

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