find out the location of major thermal power plants in india. what could be reason for there being located at those place? plasssssssssss

There are many thermal power plants in India. Some of them are given below:

1) Faridabad Thermal power station, Mujedi, Hryana

2) Rajiv Gandhi CCPP, Kayamkulam, Kerala

3) Badarpur Thermal Power plant, Badarpur, Delhi

4) Durgapur Thermal Power Station, Durgapur, West Bengal

5) Bokarao Thermal Power Station , Bokaro, Jharkhand

6) Feroz Gandhi Unchahar TPP, Unchahar, Uttar Pradesh

The main factors which are responsible for location of thermal power stations are proximity to water supply for coolants, proximity to raw materials, major cities for efficient power transmissions and better connectivity depending upon power consumption. 

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