Find out the phenotypic appearance of the off-springs of the following cross, in which the genotypes of the parents are given:

yyRr X Yyrr

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The genotype of parents is given as yyRr and Yyrr. Suppose Y represents yellow dominat, y represents green recessive . Similarly, R represents round dominant and r represents wrinkled recessive. The cross between the two can be represented as:

Parents           yyRr          X          Yyrr

Gametes       yR and yr                       Yr and yr                     

  yR yr
Yr YyRr Yyrr
yr yyRr yyrr

Phenotypic ratio: Yellow round (1) : Yellow wrinkled (1) : Green Round (1) : Green wrinkled (1)

i.e 1:1:1:1

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