Find out what kind of measures are taken in your locality to dispose plastics wastes? Can you suggest some methods to the resident of your area?

(Dear frns and experts it's an que of my hhw, plz help me to find out the measures taken in my locality and plzzz suggest me some methods)

 There are certain good practise adopted by the people of the locality to reduce plastic wastes.
1. People always say no to plastic bags. They always carry their own jute or cotton bags to market.
2. If they are using plastic container they are conscious to use recyclable plastic material.
3. People of locality always throw the plastic waste in specific waste collector made for disposal of plastic by the municipal corporation.

Steps by Municipal corporation :
1.The separate collector bins are made to collect plastic waste of area so, that they can recycle easily.
2. Posters written with "No to plastic bag" and "Harmful effect of using plastic" are posted at each corner of the area.

Suggestion to area member :
Always follow the 3 rules to save environment from plastic waste.
1. Minimise the use of plastic in any form.
2. If using, throw the plastic to proper disposal site.
3. Try to use recyclable plastic material if required.

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