find the domain and range of f(x)= root 3-2x

fx= y =3-2xFor  3-2x to be defined 3-2x0 2x-30 x - 320 or x(-,32] DOMAINNow for the range y =3-2xy2  = 3-2x x = 3-y22 and that is defined for all the values of y so range is y R

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domain 3-2x> square root cant be x < 3/2..for range you should see think a bit......we have to take the values of x lesser than 3/ 3/2 is largest value we can take...put 3/2 in f(x) so we get x = 0....also we can take all negative values of x for f(x) it goes till infinity...and we have outcomes till  positive the range is 0 to +infinity...where x belongs to (-infinity, 3/2)
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