Find the locus of mid point of chord of the circle x^2+y^2=a^2 which subtends a 90 degree angle at point (p,q) lying inside the circle.

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Let the midpoint of the chord be (h,k)

Let the one end of the chord be acosθ,asinθ
Then using the midpoint (h,k), the other end of the chord is 2h-acosθ,2k-asinθ
This point lies on the circle x2+y2=a2

 2h-acosθ2+(2k-asinθ)2=a24h2-4ahcosθ+a2cos2θ+4k2-4aksinθ+a2sin2θ=a24h2-4ahcosθ+a2+4k2-4aksinθ=a2 as sin2θ+cos2θ=1ahcosθ+aksinθ=h2+k2   ....1

Also the chord subtends right angle at (p,q).

So the line joining (p,q) & acosθ,asinθ and (p,q) & 2h-acosθ,2k-asinθ are perpendicular
So product of slopes = -1

q-2k+asinθp-2h+acosθ×q-asinθp-acosθ=-1q2-2kq-a2sin2θ+2aksinθh2-2hp-a2cos2θ+2ahcosθ=-1q2-2kq-a2sin2θ+2aksinθ = -(h2-2hp-a2cos2θ+2ahcosθ)p2+q2-(2kq+2hp)-a2+2aksinθ+2ahcosθ=0
Using equation (1), we get

So, the locus of the mid-point is

x2+y2-(xp+yq) =12a2-p2-q2

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