Find the point on the X axis whose distance from the point (-7,5) is 13 units.

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Let the point be P(x,0) and the other point be Q(-7,5), PQ=13 units  Then according to distance formula,
PQ=x1-x2 2+ y1-y2213=x+72+(0-5)2Squaring both the sides132=x+72+(0-5)2169=x2+14x+49+25169=x2+14x+74x2+14x-95=0Splitting the middle termx2+19x-5x-95=0x(x+19)-5(x+19)=0(x-5)(x+19)=0x=5 OR x=-19
The point is (5,0) or (-19,0)
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