For a first order reaction (A) -----> Products the concentration of A changes from 0.1M to 0.025M in 40minutes. The rate of reaction when the concentration of A is 0.01A is :

(A) 1.73 x 10-5M/min

(B) 3.47 x 10-4M/min

(C) 3.47 x 10-5M/min

(D) 1.73 x 10-4M/min

To find rate of the reaction we first need to find the rate constant, which can be done as follows:

where, t = 40min

[A]1 = 0.1 M

[A]2 = 0.025 M

For a first order reaction Rate law can be written as:

Rate = k [A]

When [A] = 0.01 M

Rate = 3.4 x 10-2 x 0.01 

Rate = 3.4 x 10-4 M/min

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