For the BCCI, a selection committee is to be chosen consisting of 5 ex-cricketers. Now there are 10 representatives from four zones. It has further been decided that if Kapil Dev is selected, Sunil Gavaskar will not be selected and vice versa. In how many ways can this be done?
Ans -196

Case 1: dont select kapil dev and sunil gavaskar both.There are 8 options left then, We can choose any 5Number of arrangement=C58Case 2:select kapil dev.We have selected one members and you cannot select sunil gavaskar. Thus There are 8 options left then, We need to choose any 4 to complete the comiitee of 5 membersNumber of arrangement=C48Case 3:select Sunil Gavaskar.We have selected one members and you cannot select Kapil Dev. Thus There are 8 options left then, We need to choose any 4 to complete the comiitee of 5 membersNumber of arrangement=C48Total number if arrangments=C58+C48+C48=56+70+70=196

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