For the purpose of an experiment an acid solution between 4% and 6% is required. 640 liters of 8% acidsolution and a 2% acid solution is available in the laboratory.How many liters of the 2% solution need to be added to the 8% solution?

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Let x litres of 2% acid solution be added to 640 litres of 8% solution.%Strength =8100×640+2100×x640+x=11005120+2x640+xAccording to question, strength should vary from 4% to 6%4100<11005120+2x640+x<6100Multiplying by 100, we get,4<5120+2x640+x<65120+2x640+x>4 and 5120+2x640+x<65120+2x>2560+4x and 5120+2x<3840+6x4x-2x<5120-2560 and 6x-2x>5120-38402x<2560 and 4x>1280x<1280 and x>320x320,1280Hence quality of 2% solution to be added must vary from 320 litres to 1280 litres. Answer

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