Friction is a necessary evil.Explain

hi!friction is both a friend and a helps in following ways:

1)it helps in gripping.

2)it helps us to walk.if there was no friction we would never stop once we set into motion.

3)it helps us to write on paper or any other thing.

friction is a foe for following reasons:

1)it is responsible for the wear and tear of machines.

2)it reduces the speed of a moving object.

3)it is responsible for the wear of soles of shoes.

hence it is a necessary evil.cheerssss

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The answer for this lies in the question itself because friction is necessary as well as not required sometimes.

wear and tear of machines happen because of friction but then tyres are made rough to increase friction.

Hope this satisfies your doubt........


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Friction can be considered both friend as well as foe.

You are able to walk because of friction. If there had not been friction, you would have slipped all way, and you won’t be able to stop anywhere. Some of the very basic activities are possible only because of friction.

At the same time, it is friction which causes wear and tear to our machines. Moreover we need to apply a huge amount of energy to overcome friction in various parts of machine.

Considering all these factors friction can be called a necessary evil!!

Hope it is clear to you!

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