Frnz...I face problems in solving card questions in probability as I get confuse that how many ace , jack , diamonds etc. are there ..!! How can I overcome this problem..??

Dear Student,

Refer to the following flowchart while solving questions.

Also, practise makes a man perfect. So, we suggest you to practise as many questions as you can so as to overcome your problem.

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get keep practicing
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a pack of cards always contains 52 cards which has 13 spades 13 clover 13 diamond and 13 hearts 
each set has nly one ace 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 1jack,1queen ,1king
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clover ..??
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There are 4 sets of cards....13 each
Diamond,spade,clubs, hearts ...
There are king,jack and queen in each 4 sets....
Ace in each set ....
And no. 1 to 10 in each set .

...hope this would clear your doubts...
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there an total of 52 cards.
divided into 4 shapes.
diamond,heart,spade and clover or clubs
in which diamond and heart are red in colour and each consist of 13 cards i.e 13 cards of diamond and 13 cards of heart.
therefore there are 23 red colour cards in total.
similarly spade and clover are black in colour and each consist of 13 cards i.e 13 cards of spade and 13 cards of clover.
therefore, there are 23 black coloured cards.
there are king,jack and queen in all 4 sets.
there are numbers 2-9 in every set.
instead of number 1, ace is added in every set.
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