from where do signals of parturition originate and what does maternal pituitary release for stimulating uterine contractions for child birth?

The signals for parturition originates from fully developed foetus and placenta which induce mild uterine contraction. This triggers release of oxytocin (birth hormone) from the maternal pituitary gland. The oxytocin starts a series of powerful contractions in the uterus to help expel the baby and limits bleeding of the placenta near the entry of the vaginal canal. 

The homes that are responsible for the induction of parturition are Oxytocin and Relaxin.

Oxytocin induces the contraction of the muscles of uterus which helps the baby to move through the path downwards whereas relaxin relaxes the pelvic muscles and ligaments to help the uterus to give birth. both the hormones equally helps in parturition.

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oxytocin is released to stimulate more and more uterine contractions leading to the expulsion of the baby i.e. parturition takes place

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They come from the mother's brain. The Mother's brain closely monitors the development of a child and when it feelsthe baby's ready for , it (Mother's brain) sends out the parturition signals and result in labour and subsequently delivery, although parturition can also be artifically induced by many factors, with the most common reason being health concerns of the mother the child (like in cases when the mother crosses the due delivery date without delivery.)

Oxytocin, a hormone produced in females, stimulates the uterine muscles. A subsequent increase in the level of Oxytocin results in vigrous contraction of the uterine muscles, forcing the individual out, thus causing a natural birth.

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