From where does (3q+1)(3q+2) become 2r

From where does (3q+1)(3q+2) become 2r SOL = 9210 A oranges inn, Each one ai the equal numFe•r oi e.c-h ty•sket in order to have mtrnntum numbel oi baskets, IBoard Term.l, 2016 set.oayreG71 sol. HCF of and 945 45045/21 HCF of and 945 is 45. Itie fruit vendor should put 45 fruits in basket have mtnimum oi baskets. ICBSE Marking Scheme, 4 A Q 7. any positive Integer n, prove that — n is divisible by 6 IBoard Term-I. 2015, 201Z set-"I product three Now, we have to show that the product three consecutive positive integers is divi"Ne bv 6. know that any positive integer u is Ot + 2 Integer q. Case case which is divisible by which is divisible 6. Hence, the product oi three is divisible by 6. ICBSE [Board integer n. Sol, Any positive integer is oi the form some •nteger q. z 2m, which is divisible by 2 is by 2. 9. Hnd HCF Of 81 37 and corn bvnatlcm Oi SI nd 237 + 237y sol. Since, 237 On apply"" Euciüs Hence. Hcr In order to 3 in move

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Here we have 3q+1 and 3q+2Since we know that product of two consecutive integers is always even.Here (3q+1) and (3q+2) are two consecutive integers.So, their product will be even i.e a multiple of 2.So, (3q+1)(3q+2)=2r for some integer r. 

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It is given beneath Case I as a note.
Product of two consecutive integers.....
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