give a comparative study of major crops of TELANGANA and HARYANA (areas of comparative study must include type of soil, irrigation method, plant diseases, method of prevention, storage
method of that crop.)

Crops that are grown in Telangana are?rice, Maize/ Corn, Red Gram, Green Gram, Jowar, Sesame, Castor,?cotton, Groundnut, Soyabean , Black Gram to mention a few.

The?commercial crop of?Haryana?is Sugarcane. Explanation:?Haryana?is rich in cultivating?crops. It is one of the major?farming?states like Tamilnadu.

The?soil?of the Haryana is generally sandy to sandy loam in texture. In some areas, however, these are loamy and clay loamy

Telangana?contains various?soil types, some of which are red sandy loams (Chalaka), Red loamy sands (Dubba), lateritic?soils, salt affected?soils, alluvial?soils, shallow to medium black?soil?and very deep black cotton?soil.

Haryana?government implements project to promote micro-irrigation. The state government of?Haryana?is implementing a special project to encourage micro?irrigation?and recharge ground water in the state. Micro-irrigation?is an?irrigation method?that involves lower pressure and flow than a traditional?sprinkler?system.

In Telangana it is a modern?method?of?irrigation; in this?method, water is?irrigated
?through drippers, sprinklers, foggers and by other emitters on the surface or subsurface of the land.

In haryana yellow rust on the?crop?was reported from several villages of the district.It is disease.

In telangana borer, leaf folder, blast, sheath blight, cut?worm disease.

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