Give brief account of somatic cell division ?

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Somatic cell division occurs by mitosis. Mitosis is the process by which the cell divides into two daughter cells. There are 5 stages in mitosis and are as follows.

1 Interphase- Chromosome content doubles

2 Prophase- Chromosome shorten and thicken, nucleoli disappears.

3 Metaphase- Paired homologous chromosome line up at the center attached to the spindle fibres.

4. Anaphase- The chromosomes separate.

5. Telophase- The two cells start to seperate, Nuclear envelope re-forms, the nucleoli reappears and the chromosome uncoils itself.

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Somatic cell division --->

It is a part of your peripheral nervous system which responds to your external environment and consists of nerves connected to sensory receptors and skeletal muscle. It permits voluntary action.

Autonomic Division on the other hand permits involuntary functioning of blood, organs, glands, etc. It is a response to your internal environment....!!

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