give difference between plant n animal tissues............

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  1. plant tissue   their tissue need less energy as they r stationary.their tissue make their own food. their tissue grow unlimit.they r supportive.
  2. Animal tissue  their tissue need more energy as they move.their tissue donot make their own food.their tissue grow under limit.they help in locomotion
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Plant Tissue,  Animal Tissue,

They are Stationary They are not stationary

Most of the cells are permanent Most of cells are Temporary

Cells keep dividing throught the year Cell stop dividing after certain time

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 difference between plant and animal tissue

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 give difference between plant and animal tissue

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 difference between animal and plant tissue in table form

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 what is palnt tissue?in brief

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 plant tissue- most cells are dead, need less energy as they are stationary,they have a limited specific growth.

animal tissue- most cells are living,need more energy as they are moving,animal tissue do not have a limited growth.

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 Plant tissue-

Need less energy as are stationary.

Make their own food

Have chlorophyll

Are supportive

Most of the cells are permanent

Cells keep dividing throughout the year

Most cells are dead.

Animal Tissues-

Need more energy as they are not stationary

Donot make their own food

Donot have chlorophyll

Help in locomotion

Most of the cells are temporary

Cells stop dividing after a certain time

Most cells are living.


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 what is mean by epithelial tissue?types.

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