give examples of acquired traits and inherited traits and mention the differences between them...

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inherited traits are those passed down by our parents and are found in our genes e.g. big nose, big ears, little feet, colour of the eye.

Aquired Traits are traits that are not passed down but instead "aquired" since birth. An example of this is: scars, pierced ears, the length of your hair, the loss of a limb.

Acquired traits can not be passed on genetically. Acquired traits include things such as calluses on fingers, larger muscle size from exercise or from avoiding predators. Behaviors that help an organism survive would also be considered acquired characteristics most of the time. Inherited traits must come from a parent or other ancestor. A trait may seem to skip a generation or even two or three, but if a trait shows up it must have been present in an ancestor. Mutations are the exception to this rule. Inherited traits include things such as hair color, eye color, muscle stucture, bone structure, and even features like the shape of a nose. Inheritable traits are traits that get passed down from generation to the next generation.

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 acquired traits, for example your skin will get tan(due to ultraviolet raditions) and become darker but it is not permanent also,

and you become fat, when you eat too much this is all acquired traits.

inherited traits are what you get from your parents like a particular type of earlobe, eye colour,physical appearence and so on 

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 well .... see the ncert textbook (pg 147).... Observe the beetle diagrams .

case 1: One of the beetles became green due to genetic variation and hence green colour is an inherited trait .

case 2: There is a similar genetic variation and the beetles turn blue and the elephant kills the red ones therefore a new species is                   left to reproduce, however, the blue colou is also an inherited trait

case 3: The red beetles become thin , and this trait is acquired because it wasn't passed on genetically to the offsprings, nor will it                  be passed on the next progeny (ie, in the next progeny , the beetles will not be thin).


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That was a pretty good answer :) but i think therez a slight mistake (if i'm not wrong) .Well UV rays cause skin cancer , not skin tanning.Skin tanning is caused by sunrays.

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 oh i am sorry i was wrong, thanks for letting me know

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