give reason why Mendel selected Garden pea for his experiments give the biological name of this plant state the mendel's principle of segregation

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i) Mendel had chosen garden pea for his experiment because


  • It is easily to grow.
  • It grows in almost all environment.
  • It has very short life cycle and gets completed in one season.
  • The hybrids are equally fertile.
  • The plant is sexually reproduced.
  • Self fertilization and self pollination can be done easily.
  • The petals of pea flower is so constricted that pollens from foreign plant cannot enter inside for fertilization.

The other characters for which Garden pea was selected beacuse:

The seven pair of contrasting characters (opposite characters) observed my Mendel are as follows:

ii) The scientific name of pea is Pisum sativum  

iii) Law of Segregation - 

1. This law states that the two alleles of a pair segregate or separate during gamete formation such that a gamete receives only one of the two factors.

2. In homozygous parents, all gametes produced are similar; while in heterozygous parents, two kinds of gametes are produced in equal proportions.

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