give reasons why ?

a) cooking pans have plastic handles

b) burning of plastic causes air pollution

c) nylon is used for making climbing ropes

d) refrigerators have a plastic foam core

e) electric wires have a plastic covering

f)bakelite is used for making electric switches

plzzzzzzzzzz fast

a)because they do not conduct heat

b)because burning of plastic will produce harmful gases like corbondioxide,corbon-mono-oxide nd other hazardous gases.

c) because nylon has strong fibres due to which it can hold large amount of weight.

d)Refrigerators have plastic foam core as it is the most resistant to the prevent heat from coming into Refrigerators

e) plastic is an is used to prevent short circuit and prevent humans from getting  shock.

f)Because it is heat resistant and it does not conduct will not melt or deform at very high temperature

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they r bad conductors of heat

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a)bcoz plastics r bad conductors of heat

b)bcoz they produce poisonous fumes

c)bcoz it has high tensile strength

d)plastics r gud conductors of electricity

e)same as d

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