Give suggestions on the problem of unemployment.

In order to solve the problem of unemployment in India following measures need to be taken :

1.The education system needs improvement.More and More government run institutions and colleges needs to be established which can provide formal and informal, distant and vocational education to the students. Education must be made accessible and affordable especially to those residing in rural areas.Education will help in providing jobs to the students.
2.More employment schemes like NREGA needs to be implemented by the government so that people in rural areas gets employment.
3.The system of agriculture needs improvement if rural employment has to be eradicated.Modern  agricultural implements, better irrigation facilities,good seeds ad fertilisers,proper agricultural suggestions,scientific way of farming will improve agricultural system and provide more employment  to the people in rural areas.
4.New cottage and small scale industries need to be developed by the government .It can absorb large number of people into work.Dairy farming, fishing, weaving, basket making, pottery, tailoring etc can  provide employment to many people.
5. Population growth needs to be checked because enormous population growth is the main cause of unemployment.Proper measures like family planning and birth control has to be taken for reducing population growth.
6. Government should allow more foreign companies to open their unit in India, so that more employment opportunities will be available.

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