give two uses of ultrasonic vibrations in industry .

Ultrasonic vibrations are vibrations that have frequency in excess of 20,000 Hz and are therefore inaudible to human ears.
Two uses of ultrasonic vibrations:
1.  Ultrasonics are used in medical diagnosis, particularly in condition such as pregnancy, in which X rays could have harmful effect.
2.  Ultrasonic techniques are also used industrially to test for flaws in metal, to clean surface, to test the thickness of parts, and to form colloids.

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ANS;  Ultrasonic vibrations would refer to sound waves that have a frequency higher then human hearing. The vibration themselves would be the physical vibration of the molecules in the medium in which the sound is traveling.

Frequency Range= 20 kHz to 60 kHz

Uses of Ultrasonic vibrations are :

1.Correction for acoustic systems High accuracy, swappable sensors.

2. As thickeners and rheology modifiers but they are also used in resin production as a stabilizer. The resin is then used as the binder in the paint.

3. It can be used in glass industries.

 4. Accurate ultrasonic wall measurement systems for measuring the thickness of wall.

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