given below are measurement examine whether the two triangle DEF &PQR are congruent justify your answer

triangle DEF       
a) Angle D =60 degree, angle F = 80 degree ,DF= 5cm

b) angle D=60 degree,angle F=80degreee ,DF=6cm

c) angle E=80 degree,angle F =30 degree ,EF =5 cm

triangle PQR

a)Angle Q=60 degree,angle R=80 degree,QR=5cm

​b)angle Q =60 degree,angle F =80 degree ,QP= 6cm

c)angle P=80 degree,PQ= 5cm, angle R= 30 degree

pls explain!!!!

Dear Student,

Refer the following link and try to solve other two questions in the similar way:

Hope this would have clear your doubt. Do let us know in case of any further concerns. 

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