Guys can you please help for about these questions (B) choose the correct option ( C) true or false

1.(a) Malleability is the property of metal to be beaten into thin sheets
2.(c) Sodium (Na) is metal. C,N and O are all non-metals
3.(d) N is the non-metal. Zn,Al and Fe are all metals
4.(b) Graphite is crystalline allotrope of C which is a non-metal.
5.(a) iron is a metal and metals are good conductor of electricity.
6.(c) Mercury is liquid at room temperature
7.(b) Ash of magnesium is basic. Mg + O2  MgO
      MgO is a metal oxide.hence basic

1) False. Metals are good conductors of both heat and electricity
2) True. This property is called as Sonorous.
3)  False. A more reactive metal displaces a less reactive metal from its salt solution
4) False. Oxides of non-metals are acidic whereas oxides of metal are basic in nature.
5) False. Most metals are hard and strong. Some metals like sodium are soft and some like mercury and gallium are liquids at room temperature.


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Sorry it is metals and non metals for topic
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