'He is free to play a flute all day as well fed tigers and fat sheep drink from the same pond

with a full stomach for a common bond.'

What do the phrases 'play the flute all day' and 'a common bond' refer to?

It is so that the leaders relish their living at the cost of their subjects. So did Ajamil who was a good shephered on the exterior but a shrewed politician inside whose each and every move was a calculated one. He signed a pact which was impossible to maintain forever, though it was to be so. It was obvious that once when the hunting instinct will take over the tigers they will try to attack the sheep again. However, Ajamil did not mind losing a few foot soldiers rather than waging a war and lose all his sheep in one go. He did what a smart shepherd does, to protect all, sacrifice a few. So, he can sit back and relax by playing  flute all day long. He did good to both the species. He fed the tigers and saved the sheep as well. In jungle raj everything  is defined by one thing alone, “the survival of the fittest” and another fact that no matter how strong or weak an animal is, they all drink water from the same pond. All survive together and so for common good, Ajamil did what he could.

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