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Out of these all, SO3 act as an electrophile.
because three highly electronegative oxygen atoms are attached to Sulphur atom in SO3 which makes Sulphur atom electron deficient. As,

Option A is correct. 
Also, Water may also act as an electrophile and nucleophile .
Water is an electrophile. It acts as electrophile as each hydrogen atom has a positive (◊+) charge. Further, it behaves as an electrophile as water molecule can release a proton and form a bond with a nucleophile.
However, water is also a nucleophile. The oxygen atom consists of two lone pairs and has a ◊– charge because of high electronegativity. What is means is that water can easily provide an electron pair to an electrophile or an electron-deficient centre. This is how it acts as a nucleophile. Interestingly, water could be a stronger nucleophile than an electrophile.
so , option A and C both may be correct.

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