Here are a list of q'z pls ans. them briefly

q1)The number of faradays required to deposit 1g equivalent of alumininium(at wt.27)from a soln of AlCl3 is-

q2)What is the electrochemical equivalent of Cu in the rxn-


q3)The specifc conductance of saturated soln of CaF2 is 3.86*10(power -15) and that of water used for solution is 0.15*10(power -5).What is the specific conductance of CaF2 alone?

q4)What is the molar conductivity "^". If resistivity is 'x' for 0.1 N H2SO4 solution?

q5)The conductivities at infinite dilution of NH4CL,NAOH and NaCl are 130,218,120.If equivalent conductance of N/100 soln of NH4OH is 10,degree of disociation of NH4OH at this dilution is-

q6)The resistance of a N/10 KCL aq. soln is 245 ohms.If the electrodes in the cell are 4cm apart and area having 7 cm sq. each,the molar conductance of the soln will be?

(1). Reduction of Al3+ can be written as:

Al3+ + 3e- → Al

From the reduction reaction it is evident that,

27g of Al is deposited by 3F of charge.

Thus, 1g Al will be deposited by (3 / 27) = 0.11 F of charge.

(2). Electrochemical Equivalent can be calculated as :

Reduction of Copper occurs as:

Cu2+ + 2e- → Cu



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