Here are some statements Philip and his friends made about reproduction in plants.

Philip: ''Fertilization in a flower cannot occur without pollination.''
Radha: ''Pollination only occurs after fertilization in a flower.''
Zaheer: ''Pollination leads to the formation of flowers in a plant.''
Chris: ''Fertilization is sure to occur in every flower of a plant.''


Who is/are correct?

Dear student,

In the above statements, only Philip is correct - Fertilization in flower cannot occur without pollination.

Pollination is the process in which pollen from the stamens is transferred to the stigma of same of a different flower. Pollination leads to the fusion of male and female gamete inside the ovary. This fusion process is called fertilization. So, pollination is responsible for the fertilization.
Rest of the statements are incorrect.


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I think that philip and zaheer are correct about fertillization in plants
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