Hi Experts, i've undestood the whole chapter i.e. Time & Work (means till where my teacher taught). but, just i didn't get is ham har question mein aur har step mein sab kuchh reciprocate kyu kar rahe hain? is ke alawa koi dusra tarika nahin hain kya iss chapter ke questions solve karne ke liye?

whatever, but why it's reciprocating? just i'm not getting this.

i know it's unitary method for calculating for 1 day or 1 hour.. but still, please explain me.

and here, i'm talking about all questions, not only 1. so i can't send you the particular question.

For your reference some questions+their answers are attached below.

Kindly explain in detail.
Thanking you in advance.

Dear Student, 
Understanding this is not too difficult. Its a very easy unitary method concept. 
Just a small example is : if you have a work of eating 20 chocolates, and you can complete this work in 10 days. So, your one day work will be eating 2 chocolates (2010). 
So, for getting the answer two, we are dividing the total work, with the number of days you take to complete the work. Similarly, for calculating one day work of any one person,we divide the total work (which is always taken as 1) with the number of days you take to complete the work.
In time and work, Work is always taken as 1, that is, A has '1' work to complete.

Another way of understanding this is, that if 2 days are required to complete a work, then in one day, half work (that is 1/2) work will be done and in the other day, remaining half work will be done. 
Similarly, if 20 days are required to complete a work, one can do (1/20)th part of the work in one day.

Hope this helps you! If you want to understand this concept with the help of any particular question, kindly mention that too so that we may provide you with some meaningful help.



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