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could you mention 5 monuments of the world with 2 lines of symmetry and also 5 monuments of the world with multiple lines of symmetry. please help me out in this guys. pls reply quick. experts, pls help me out.😢😢

Multiple line of symmetry:-
In the Chinese pagoda, we can see at the same time both the cylindrical symmetry inherent in the building's organization about the vertical axis, and the similarity symmetry of the diminishing sizes of the layered roofs.

The Pantheon in Rome is an excellent example of the experience of multiple symmetries that is common in architecture. When we stand in the piazza in front of the Pantheon, we notice right away the bilateral symmetry of the principle facade.

The ceiling of Lotfollah mosque, Isfahan, Iran has 8-fold symmetries.

Great Mosque of Kairouan.

Moorish buildings like the Alhambra are ornamented with complex patterns made using translational and reflection symmetries as well as rotations

2 lines of symmetry-
The Taj Mahal has bilateral symmetry.

Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

The design of the PraHo do Comercio in Lisbon, Portugal.

The fourteenth-century Oratory of Orsanmichele in Florence.
The Sacristy of the basilica of S. Spirito in Florence.

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