hi whats the use of coordinate geometry in real Life?

only teachers know that !!

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this is just to put burdden on student

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might help engineers 2 plot on der work

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what is uses of coordinate geometry in real life?

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to locate the exact location of any thing

  ther by it is used in

  1. engineering (modules)
  2. construction of buildings
  3. make trusses which is used in hanging bridges

there are still infinite applications

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its help you in teachring

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see Rishab, whatever v do in life our brain is developed in that particalur sphere. Don't take it that its just for getting marks or knowledge, when our brain gets developed v our perfet in more than other things v r doing e.g. u may not believe dat it helps u in remembering the paths for different areas. Maths is not just for calculations or for helping us in sience it is deveploing our brains to deal with people! human nature n many more.... were into d world were v want to learn d things around us n for that v need to survive n maimtain our stata in this world. And thats only possible when our brain is capable to overcome d things. Every knowledge is not just it but also trains us to challange d problems. V may not come to know that what thing develops our brain in which manner!!
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good question dude!
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See Rishab
This Technique Used By Airports to avoid any disasters
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