high oder thinking skills(hots)

1. can we call insectivorous plants as carnivores? Why or Why not?

2.Why are stomata generally found on the lower side of a leaf?

3. All meat is grass. Justify?

4. How will you test whether a leaf has photosynthesized or not?

1-Yes, we can say insectivorous plants as carnivores because carnivores is a general term for those organisms which eat flesh, whereas Insectivorous is a specific term for those organisms which consume only insects.

2- Stomata's are generally present on lower surface of leave as it receives low amount of sunlight as compared with upper surface. It helps in controlling the excessive water loss due to transpiration.

3- Yes, all meat is grass. Sources of meat are- goat, chicken, fish. As we know all organisms obtain food from autotrophs i.e from plants so we can say that all meat is grass.

4- Plants perform photosynthesis to prepare food which is stored in the form of starch. So we will perform the iodine test to determine whether the leaf has photosynthesized or not.

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