Horse stable is in the form of a cuboid, whose external dimensions are 70 m ? 35 m ? 40 m, surrounded by
a cylinder halved vertically through diameter 35 m and it is open from one rectangular face 70 m ? 40 m.
Find the cost of painting the exterior of the stable at the rate of Rs 2/m2

Dear Student,
Area of the cylindrical top to be painted= 12×T.S.A=12×2πrr+h=122×227×352352+70=4812.5 m2Area of cuboid to be painted=area of three walls =lh+2bh=70×40+2×40×35=2800+2800=5600 m2Total area to be painted:4812.5+5600 =10412.5 m2cost of painting per m2=Rs.2cost of painting 10412.5 m2=2×10412.5 =Rs. 20825


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