how are polybags harmful to animals and smal children

When animals like cows eat  food from the garbage bin.As the garbage bin may consist of polythene bags or food wrappers ,they may eat them,as a result it will choke their respiratory tract or cause a lining in the stomach which may lead to their death.While playing children may cover their face with polybags ,then they may feel suffocated and even result to their death.

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they are harmful to small children like becuse u small children use these these bags to cover your dirty faces

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poly bags are very dangerous if animals or small children dont know what they are they may eat it and chok themselves or even die so poly bags should be kept away from chldren nor disposed directly to the soil

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polybags or polythene are very dangerous as everything in the world like chocolate or any food item is always covered by plastic as if animals goes near garbage to eat food some part of plastic thay will eat thats the reason they chok and be dead. 2nd small childrens could take this near their mouth or swalloed it can take them to dead. becose it property cannot be burned if you burn it it will give poisnous smoke ad if want to regenerate it it will take severals year

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 poly bags aare plastic if they eat plastic it is dangerous for their own life

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 dear shreya,
hope this is helpful to you.....
animals and human suffer in various ways due to poly bags/ plastics
animals: several animals eat plastics bags and suffer from serious health problems once they do so..
eg. number of cows each year die after intake of these plastic bags that end up in their grazing grounds.

humans: many people also die of plastics. when going to buy food they end up having the foods in polybags or plastics they warm and store the food in those plastics itself without knowing how harmful it is for their health... they finally eat that food and die.........

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Non-stick cookware is coated with teflon. Why?
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