How are the earth's principle biological systems being depleted? How can we save them?

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Man is considered to be the most dangerous animal capable of causing the maximum damage to the earth's principal biological systems and he has already set into motion this process. The four biological systems, fisheries, forests, grasslands and croplands form the fundamental blocks of the earth's ecosystem. Apart from being a source of sustenance, they are also the chief providers of raw materials for our industries. When human demands on these systems reach an unsustainable level, then the system begins to collapse. Over-fishing is a common phenomena,local forests are being decimated to procure firewood for cooking, tropical forests which are the powerhouse of evolution are being stripped bare leading to the loss of habitat of ?several species and the growing use of dung for burning is depriving the soil of an important natural fertiliser. The rapid and unchecked growth of the global population will have debilitating repercussions.

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