how can we calculate vant hoff factor of an polymer plzzzzz explain

The abnormal mass shown by polymers due to association or dissociation leads to abnormal collogative property which is explained by Vant’ Hoff  factor ‘i’. We can calculate Vant’ Hoff  factor ‘i’ which accounts for the extent of dissociation or association by the formula,

i = Normal molar mass/ Abnormal molar mass

I = Observed colligative property / Calculated colligative property

i =(Total number of moles of particles after association/dissociation)/(Number of moles of particles before association/dissociation)


Here abnormal molar mass is the experimentally determined molar mass and calculated colligative properties are obtained by assuming that the non-volatile solute is neither associated nor dissociated. In case of association, value of i is less than unity while for dissociation it is greater than unity.

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