how can we seperate mixture of iodine and ammonium chloride

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When one of the component of a mixture has the tendency to sublime then we use sublimation process to separate them. But here, as both the ammonium chloride and iodine are sublimate so, the mixture of ammonium chloride and iodine is separated by first dissolving the mixture in water where NH4Cl dissolves but I2 being insoluble does not dissolve.

Now, the iodine crystals are filtered by filtration process and then  the ammonium chloride solution is further evaporated and distilled to get pure ammonium chloride.

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 We can separate a mixture of iodine and ammonium chloride through sublimation. Sublimation is the process of transformation directly from the solid phase to thegaseous phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase.

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It can be seperated by a process called sublimation in which a substance directly changes into gaseous state from solid state or vice versa.

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By sublimation

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