how can we test the purity of silk and wool?

The purity of wool and silk can be tested by burn test. However there are other criteria also to check out the purity of of wool and silk. But it is the easiest and quick method that can be done by anybody at any place.
Wool burn test- This test is mostly used for testing purity of  wool. If we try to burn thread of pure wool, it will not catch fire. On the other hand, mixed wool immediately catch fire and thread starts melting.

Silk burn test- Like wool test , burn test is also used to check the purity of silk. When a  thread of pure silk is burnt, a tiny ash ball is left behind after it is fully burnt and it will smell like a burnt hair. If silk is having artificial fibre in it, it will not produce an ash ball on burning and there is no smell of a burnt hair, instead it will burn with a smell of plastic.

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It is done by different machines you find it in the Goole. Please check it.

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