how can you charge an object such as a metal cylinder by conduction? what kind of charge will it acquire

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Charging by conduction involves the contact of a charged object with a neutral object. 
The objects like metal cylinder can be charged by bringing a charged object like charged aluminium plate in contact with it. The metal cylinder acquires the same charge as that of aluminium plate. If a positively charged plate is brought in contact with it, the metallic cylinder will acquire positive charge and if a negatively charged plate is brought in contact with it, it will acquire negative charge. 
The charge acquired by the metal cylinder can be known by bringing a charged object near it. For eg. if a positively charged object is brought near the cylinder and it gets attracted towards it then the cylinder is negatively charged as opposite charges attract or if both repel each other then it is positively charged as similar charges repel each other.

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You can't charge it because as soon you touch it with your hand, it Loses charge to Earth because of Earthing 
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you cant charge it
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