How can you distinguish between a salt solution and a pure liquid without tasting it?

1) The easiest way to distinguish between salt solution and pure liquid is to observe their boiling points. The boiling points of the two liquids will be different. For example if we consider pure water and a solution of salt in water, then pure water will boil at 100 degree Celsius, but the salt solution will boil at a temperature higher than 100 degree Celsius, depending upon how much salt has been dissolved in the water. 

2) Secondly, pure liquid on evaporation will not leave any residue behind. However, salt solution on evaporation will leave salt behind. 

3) Another way to distinguish between salt solution and pure liquid is to check the conductivities of the two solutions. The salt solution has Na+ ions and Cl- ions present as additional ions in the solution, because of which the conductivity of the salt solution is more. 

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As- if it is pure water then it will not conduct electricity & if it is salt water then it will conduct electricity so by without tasting it....we can identify whether its salt solution or  pure water.....

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we can take the help of electricity to check the presence of salt in water or we can use the tyndall effect theory to check both the substances.

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