how could you appreciate function of a tiny cell in a large body of an organism ?

Cell is the structural and functional unit of all living organisms. In multicellular organisms, cells group to form a tissue which performs a particular function. Tissue forms organs and organs form organ system. Different tissues perform different functions thus promotes division of labour. These cells allow one system to connect to another system, for example, hormonal system is under the control of hypothalamus. Thus nerve cells control hormonal system.

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All the cells work together, and are dependant on each other. You can see this by noticing how the body systems work together(ex. respiratory and circulatory systems). Also, if some nerve cells are damaged, it would take longer for you to react to some things, because the signals would have to find another path to travel to get to where they need to go.
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The cells are the units of a large organism . It is like if you want to buy shoes you have to collect money and money is formed by its units , i.e , paise.
Without these millions of cells we would'nt have an existence .

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