how did british plan to bring mughal dynasty to an end?

Plans to End the Mughal Dynasty:- The Company  began to plan how to bring the Mughal dynasty to an end. The name of the Mughal king was removed from the coins minted by the Company. In 1849, Governor-General Dalhousie announced that after the death of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the family of the king would be shifted out of the Red Fort and given another place in Delhi to reside in. In 1856, Governor-General Canning decided that Bahadur Shah Zafar would be the last Mughal king and after his death none of his descendants would be recognized as kings – they would just be called princes.

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There was no plot. The british considered the mughals inferior. Nobody thought the mughals would assasinate a trader, let alone break outright war and push the british almost all the way to annahilation. Although it is true that the british started bringing in weapons and armies. They did devise outright ridiculous schemes, such as the subsidiary treaty. The british initially plotted to make the mughals nothing more than puppets. And they suceeded. But they did not plan to destroy them. It was in 1857 that the british counter-attacked and destroyed the mughal empire. The british simply annahilated them.

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