how did the grandmother of the author breathe her last in the chapter 'The portrait of the lady 'and what did the slarrow do?

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After the return of the author, the grandmother celebrated his home coming for an entire night and consequently fell ill. However, she could not recover from her illness and she died chanting the name of God, with the rosery in her hand. She had already shut everyone out and wanted to be left alone with the name of God just before her death. When the grandmother died, thousands of sparrows came and sat all over the verandah and in her room right up to where her body was kept. Unlike their usual behaviour, they made no sound, as if they were mourning for her loss. The narrator and his family felt sorry for the birds and even broke a few pieces of bread and threw it to them. But they ignored the bread, completely transfixed at the sight of the grandmother's corpse, thereby expressing their sorrow. 


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