How did the writer arrange a meeting between Ranga and Ratna?

The writer considered Ranga to be the perfect match for Rama rao's niece Ratna, a pretty girl of eleven who had come to stay with her uncle after her parents' death. Ratna was quite free with Shyama the narrator because he was a frequent visitor to Rama Rao's house. So he hatched a plan whereby he would ask Ratna to come and take some buttermilk that he wanted to send to the Raos. On a Friday,Ratna came dressed in a grand saree and Shyama requested her to sing a song. At that moment he sent for Ranga and as Ranga was entering the house,he stopped at the threshold mesmerised by the song and Ratna stopped singing out of shyness. He wanted to take a look at the singer but was disappointed to see that it was not the kind of girl he would have allowed himself to be interested in. Nevertheless he kept glancing at her, he said he would leave on account of disrupting the musical session but he did not leave and eventually asked Shyama about the identity of the singer. It is quote evident that Shyama's plan of bringing Ratna and Ranga had worked.

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