how do forest play an important role in maintaining water cycle?

Forests play important role in maintaining water cycle. Plants bind the soil and help in the percolation of water in the soil and thus add in water table. The water is absorbed back by roots and maximum portion of which is lost into the atmosphere in the form of vapours by transpiration. These vapours condense and form clouds. Clouds after condensation start raining. Thus plants maintain water cycle by passing moisture from soil to the atmosphere by transpiration.

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The water which we give is utilised by the plants but the excess water which remains unutilized is given out by the plants by the process of transpiration(which we have read in the earlier classes in detail). This water then gets high into the atmosphere and gets condensed and forms clouds and when the clouds becom heavy to hold the water they burst in the form of thuis waythey helps to bring the rain.and it is also that the place whaere more trees are grown the rainfallb at that place will be much high as compared to where are less trees.

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