how do the success of democracy can be assessed ?explain.

1) Democracy leads to political equality. This does not necessarily lead to economic equality as it has happened in India. For economic equality policies followed are more important.
2) In democracies poverty is more wide spread and growth takes a longer time in coming.
3) The basic infrastructure for the poor to uplift takes time to build in a democracy because democratic countries are slower.
4) It can be concluded that democracy combined with sound economic policies is necessary for development and democracy only provides an opportunity for all people in the society to unite.

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The democracy can be assessed by stressing on the following points:

  1. If the rulers elected take the proper major decisions in facoour of the good public.
  2. If the transperancy of the government is enabled--the citizens can take part in decision making and have got all rights to know what is happening in the government.
  3. Whether the elections are providing an equal and fair opportunity to every civilian in electing their representatives.
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Expectation from democracy is so high that its examination never halts

The fact that there are more and more expectation and complaints provide testimony to the fact that democracy is the most successful form of government Public expansion of dissatisfaction shows the success of democracy as it transforms people from the status of a subject into that of a citizens. Most of us believe that our votes make a lot of difference the way government is run.
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